The energy management

The right energy management solution for monitoring and automating your building. Optimize the use of your resources, effortlessly.

The Main Functionalities of our Energy Management Platform

Wisemetering has numerous features that aim to improve the efficiency of your energy management


Tracking consumption profiles and trends, keeping them under control and with no surprises.


Creation of effective centralized and automated control, guaranteeing optimized functioning independent of human action.


Providing an operational view of several sites in a remote and centralized platform.

Control Consumption

Through a monitoring network customized to your needs, WiseMetering allows you to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs.

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up to 20% savings

WiseMetering enables your business to save between 10-20% through good energy management and consumption reduction.

Cost Allocation

The allocation of costs can be made according to several criteria, using the reporting module.

WiseMetering: Plataforma de Gestão Energética - Controlo dos Consumos
WiseMetering: Plataforma de Gestão Energética - Perpetuação das poupanças

Continuous Savings

Optimization of your energy management, and cost reduction, from a life cycle perspective.
Consumption Profiles

Through the use of consumption profiles for control, guidance, and implementation of good utilities usage and user behavior practices.

Consumer Alerts

Through timely alerts on non-standard operation and consumption, namely for breakdowns or building services operating at inappropriate times.

Central Supervision

Integrated and centralized view of your sites and spaces.
Remote and central supervision

Remote and central management of policies for operation and comfort.

Operation and maintenance support

Greater support through centralized supervision of operating status.

WiseMetering: Plataforma de Gestão Energética - Supervisão Central

What our clients say

By using WiseMetering, we know our energy consumption profiles more rigorously on the different sites we monitor. With this precious information, we are able to implement measures to increase our energy efficiency and reduce costs.
Testemunho Luis Ameixa - WiseMetering - LMIT

Luis Ameixa

HR | Property | Hard Facilities Maintenance, Vodafone

Through WiseMetering, Tagus Park is now able to control the energy consumption of its tenants automatically and more rigorously.
Testimonial Luis Santos Pedro - WiseMetering - LMIT

Luís Santos Pedro

Head of Operations, TagusPark

Through the help of WiseMetering we were able to obtain significant energy savings in the Adamastor Building in the Parque das Nações, maintaining its good performance.
Avatar - WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM

Ricardo Valente

CEO, Imopólis

We chose WiseMetering to support CTT’s strategic energy management pillar, allowing us to monitor consumption and automate the operation of equipment. LMIT as a partner consolidates technology and technical support for this efficiency objective, assuming risks and commitments that are to be expected from a value proposition. I recommend them for this.
Testemunho Miguel Gromicho - WiseMetering - LMIT

João Miguel Gromicho

Director of Physical Resources and Security, CTT

BNP paribas - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
COMSA Corporación - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
CTT - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
CBRE - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
El Corte Inglés - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Altice - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
COPAM - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Imopólis - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Nespresso - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
SIBS - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Taguspark - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Vodafone - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM

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