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WiseMetering and LMSI

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WiseMetering is developed and managed by LMSI – Engineering, a company specialized in the development of innovative and sustainable engineering projects and solutions for buildings. LMSI stands out from other energy efficiency companies in the market by leveraging the expertise of specialized engineers who build and develop optimization and energy management applications in response to promptly identified problems and needs.

WiseMetering is developed by LMSI

LMSI is a company specialized in building engineering with a focus on the following areas:

Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)

The M&E discipline includes air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, communications, lighting, centralized technical management systems, fire safety, and intrusion security, vertical transport equipment, and building hydraulics.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is a set of services that include emergency plans and building evacuation, tests and verification of critical systems, computer simulation of building evacuation and smoke behavior, and team building programs.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a very comprehensive discipline. It includes the formulation of energy strategies for large enterprises, the definition of the fundamental parameters related to the thermal behavior of buildings, energy audits, energy certification, monitoring of energy consumption, and energy rationalization plans.


Sustainability is a transversal to all areas of specialization. Sustainability services include studies of sustainability assessment of enterprises, references for the construction of buildings, analyzes and plans of indoor air quality, environmental certifications of buildings and plans to rationalize water use.

Project Management

Project management is a fundamental discipline in engineering. Project Management is used as a tool in the areas of project coordination, in the management and supervision of works, in maintenance management, in facilities management, and in technical audits.

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Our Team

Meet those responsible for each area:


Jose Pedro Castanheira
Pedro Castanheira
Chief Executive Officer

He is a founder of the company and passionate about technology and energy. His professional career was consolidated in the area of building maintenance management where he realized that it is not possible to manage what is not measured!

Pedro Malheiro
Pedro Malheiro
Chief Strategy Officer

He is a founder and has an executive role in all companies of the LM Group. Through this role he has an integrated vision in the building engineering sector. This is why we couldn't have a better strategist!

Maria João Peliz
Maria João Donato
Chief Human Resources Officer

Maria João takes care of all of us at LMIT, and at Grupo LM ... and, one day, who knows, maybe you!

Pedro Miguel Loureiro
Pedro Loureiro
Chief Financial Officer

Pedro works at Grupo LM taking care of the financial part of all companies. He's our best friend, of course! 😉

Alexandre Pestana
Alexandre Pestana
Chief Technology Officer

Alexandre lives and breathes technology, even when he doesn't talk about it! He is the architect of WiseMetering and knows it from wire to wire.


Duarte Cruz
Duarte Cruz
Business Manager | WiseMetering

Duarte is responsible for WiseMetering business, from sales to operations. He has great technical knowledge about buildings and how to make them work well.

Nuno Ribeiro
Nuno Ribeiro
Team Leader | Customer Support

Nuno is responsible for the well-being of our clients. Any questions, please ask him!

Patrícia Covas
Team Leader | Consultancy Support

Patrícia is responsible for the consulting service that we provide to certain clients. Through this service, we remain “grounded” and are always learning how to improve WiseMetering.

Tiago Braz
Team Leader | Technical Support

Tiago is responsible for the technical area and is in charge of the implementation of new projects and technical assistance.

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