Energy Management at Bimbo’s Factory

WiseMetering helps Bimbo in energy and water management

Grupo Bimbo was founded in Mexico in 1945 and is now one of the most important international companies in the baking industry. Its philosophy is “To build a sustainable, highly productive and fully human company”.

The group has two factories in Portugal and more than a dozen in Spain. The Albergaria-a-Velha factory will now rely on WiseMetering as a tool to control consumption and performance indicators, ensuring more efficient, sustainable, and closely monitored processes.

WiseMetering will play a decisive role in monitoring electricity, gas and water consumption, which will allow the identification of saving opportunities and the reduction of energy waste. By being aware of consumption at each moment, WiseMetering will allow for production-related energy performance indicators to be defined. These indicators will support operational and investment decisions that lead to improved process efficiency.

Because they are, by their nature, large energy consumers, manufacturing units can benefit greatly from WiseMetering due to their contribution to process efficiency improvement and more sustainable production.

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