Energy Efficiency at Nespresso

WiseMetering helps Nespresso in the energy management of its boutiques.

Nespresso is a multinational company present in over 80 countries and it currently has 24 stores in Portugal. Being environmental sustainability one of Nespresso’s main concerns.

The WiseMetering energy management platform has been present in the Nespresso Boutiques since 2014. This platform helps Nespresso  by playing an important role not only in reducing energy and water consumption, but also in monitoring the quality of the brand’s products, and monitoring relative humidity and temperature levels through probes installed in coffee storage locations.

This way, through the WiseMetering platform, already present in 17 Boutiques, Nespresso ensures the quality of its products on a daily basis.

Nespresso thus guarantees that the product reaches its consumers in compliance with food safety requirements. In case there is a change in terms of temperature and humidity outside the defined specification, an alert is sent to those responsible, through WiseMetering, allowing a quick action in order to re-establish the correct storage conditions of the coffee, without compromising its quality.

Nespresso has in WiseMetering a partner that, in its daily action, supports the monitoring of energy and consequently, environmental indicators, but also ensures the requirements necessary to ensure the quality of its products.

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