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WiseMetering is an essential tool in supporting energy efficiency activities, not only because it allows centralized control and standardized processes, but also because it allows visibility of the impact of initiatives and their results. Implementation is done by our team, quickly and simply, allowing partners of WiseMetering to focus on their clients and results.
Results are obtained thanks to the supervision of consumption profiles, including comparison and benchmarking of consumption in a timely manner. The creation of alarms allows the identification of waste and highlights changes in the consumption profile.
Energy Management Technology

Access to technology developed exclusively for energy management

Complement your Service Portfolio

Increased the relevance of services by incorporating new technologies

Business Focus

Focus on energy optimization and results obtained, the analytical part being supported by WiseMetering

Technical Support

Technical support and experience sharing in order to enhance the use of WiseMetering and results

Participate in the Roadmap

Sharing in the development of your roadmap with periodic first-hand updates

Scale your current services

With WiseMetering you will have access to all your facilities in a centralized and secure way. Your clients will also be able to access the application to follow the evolution of their consumption. Implementation is quick and simple, with immediate results. With WiseMetering, you will have access to consumption profiles that allow you to create alarms of irregular use or anomalies.

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up to 20% reduction in utility costs

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Low return on investment

Deliver Value

WiseMetering partners are concerned with saving energy and adding value. We provide the right tool to optimize consumption.

Meter Installation

Cost Allocation

Building Services Fine Tuning

Continuous Commissioning

Explore new business models

Use WiseMetering to implement and control your energy performance contracts.
  • 1
    Understand the building

    Understand the building and identify opportunities for improvement

  • 2
    Define objectives

    Set concrete goals based on better building knowledge

  • 3
    Size the measurement network

    Once the action plan is defined, dimension the measurement network to allows you to reach your established objectives

  • 4
    Implement and optimize

    Implement new measures and focus on the results obtained. Keep looking for opportunities!

  • 5
    Give visibility

    Give visibility of your initiatives and keep the client informed and involved