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WiseMetering is, par excellence, the energy management platform.
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Learn how our energy management platform works so you can start optimizing your energy consumption!

WiseMetering is an energy management platform that supports a hardware network (multi-site), consisting of a local WiseBox and a set of peripherals. This hardware network makes it possible to monitor and control the operation of equipment relevant to energy consumption at each site. These two fundamental components of Hardware – WiseBox and Peripherals are parameterized through the WiseMetering software.

The potential of WiseMetering goes beyond software. It also includes consulting services to support the software. This enables you to make adjustments to obtain savings on your energy, gas, and water consumption.


The implementation of WiseMetering can save energy and reduce costs through adjustment of the operating profiles of a site.
WiseMetering Objectives

Reducing baseline consumption (dimming or partial off)

The daily baseline is the typical baseline consumption that exists during the 24h day. Reducing your daily baseline delivers significant savings – small daily savings accumulate across the entire year. In this way, the impact of baseline reduction is hugely relevant.

Adapting to the needs of each space use requirement

The operating hours of various building services can and should be optimized in order to avoid waste. For example, prior to opening, when the space is being cleaned, it is not necessary to have lighting at 100%.

Disabling equipment and lighting in certain periods in order to optimize energy tariffs

During building operating hours, strategies can be used that take into account the varying tariff periods, thereby reducing costs and consumption. This is always done in a very careful way that does not impact business operations. 

Reducing consumption after closing (dimming or partial off)

During the out of hours period for each site, the operating profile can once again be optimized by disabling circuits (lighting, air conditioning, ventilation) that are not necessary. 


WiseMetering provides custom solutions for two major sectors: Buildings and Retail. In the case of Buildings, solutions are based on monitoring and functionalities related to site specific data. In the case of Retail, monitoring is added to building automation, delivering savings that are independent of human action and optimized over time.


Monitoring Consumption

Monitoring is the foundation of an energy management tool under the credo that it is not possible to manage what is not measured. This is particularly relevant due to the many sources of utilities consumption in buildings.


The creation of alerts allows immediate action to be taken in the event of anomalies in the functioning of a building system or service. This is an independent tool, auxiliary and complementary to BMS systems.


The registration of improvement opportunities demonstrates the added value of a building energy manager. With the creation of opportunities, it is possible to centralize good practices in energy management and measure the impact of new initiatives.


Monitoring Consumption

In the retail sector, monitoring may not seem relevant, because networks are typically simple. However, monitoring is and will always be fundamental for demonstrating results!

Circuit Automation

What really differentiates the retail solution is the possibility to automate electrical circuits (lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and other building services).


The creation of alerts allows immediate action to be taken on any anomalies.


Discover the features of WiseMetering and find out what makes this energy management platform unique!


WiseMetering has several components. These are grouped into an Implementation Phase including hardware, installation and configuration, and an Operation Phase including software, maintenance and consulting.
WiseMetering Map View


The WiseMetering application was built by energy managers with two main objectives: 1) to respond to their day-to-day needs; and 2) to give visibility to their work. Over the years, this platform has been improved with the invaluable help of our clients.

It is through the software that peripherals are configured, indicators are created, data is consulted, alarms are created, operating hours are programmed, among other relevant day-to-day actions.

Consulting & Maintenance

In order to enhance results, the consultancy service is included in the platform concept. Consulting will identify and implement opportunities for energy savings and demonstrate the project results in a clear and transparent manner.

The Maintenance service allows our clients to not have to worry about the operation of peripherals, we take care of them.

Consulting for Maximizing Savings
Creation of Indicators and Continuous Configuration of the Application
Software and Hardware Maintenance
Custom Quarterly Reporting
Custom Quarterly Reporting
WiseBox - WiseMetering, LMIT

Hardware – WiseBox

WiseBox is responsible for the interface between the Software component and the network of peripherals installed locally. This box was developed by our team as a unique solution to the needs we identified in the building and retail sectors.

Hardware – Peripherals

WiseBox remotely controls the operation of equipment through control equipment (contactors) and collects various information from the network through sensors and relays. The control equipment and sensors are conventional on the market:
Contadores e Energia, Hardware – Periféricos - WiseMetering, LMIT
Energy Meters
Contactores, Hardware – Periféricos - WiseMetering, LMIT
Contactors and Relays
Contadores de Água e Gás, Hardware – Periféricos - WiseMetering, LMIT
Water and Gas Meters
Sistema de Conversão, Hardware – Periféricos - WiseMetering, LMIT
Protocol Conversion System
Sondas Térmicas, Hardware – Periféricos - WiseMetering, LMIT
Temperature Sensors
Sistema Wireless, Hardware – Periféricos - WiseMetering, LMIT
Wireless Systems
Adjudicação, Instalação - WiseMetering, LMIT
Agendamento, Instalação - WiseMetering, LMIT
Aprovisionamento, Instalação - WiseMetering, LMIT
Hardware Provisioning
Instalação - WiseMetering, LMIT
IOT, Instalação - WiseMetering, LMIT
Shipping Installation IOT for each Site
Configuração, Instalação - WiseMetering, LMIT
Set Up


The installation is carried out according to the scope of the project, and may or may not occur during the site operating hours. Installation is done through a network of certified installation partners.


The configuration process is fundamental in the implementation phase of WiseMetering. Configuration is responsible for giving logic to all collected data.
Characterization of the Installed Peripherals Network
Defining the Information Structure
Creation of Measurement Quantities and Parameterization
Association of Quantities to the Defined Information Structure
Creation of Quantities Calculated through the Association of Quantities Obtained Directly through the Sensors
Gestão Energética: Vodafone - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Taguspark - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: SIBS - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: Nespresso - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: Imopólis - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: CTT - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: COPAM - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: COMSA - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: Altice - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: BNP Paribas - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: CBRE - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM
Gestão Energética: El Corte Inglés - Cliente WiseMetering - LMIT, Grupo LM

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