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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a list of FAQs that we hope will answer
your questions about energy management with WiseMetering.

1. If there is already a monitoring network installed, is it possible to integrate it into WiseMetering?

If the installed meters or sensors have ModBus protocol, MBus or pulses, in principle we can take advantage of them. In fact, this is the ideal solution for us since we do not position ourselves as a hardware or equipment installation company.

There are some types of equipment, which despite the available protocol being known, we are not able to integrate.

2. If the equipment to be integrated has protocols accepted by WiseMetering, is it possible to integrate everything?

There are some devices, which despite having known protocol available, we are not able to integrate. This usually occurs because the equipment is old and has no data sheet available, or in other cases (more rare) because it is simply not possible.

3. Can WiseBox work with other energy management software?

WiseBox only works with WiseMetering.

4. Does WiseMetering work with other equipment similar to WiseBox?

WiseBox was developed exclusively for WiseMetering with the objective of creating projects with low returns on investment, adapted to the reality of the clients we want to work with.

5. Can the WiseMetering software be purchased as an Appliance? That is, can it be installed on the client’s servers?

WiseMetering is only available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, a strategy that is in line with today’s technological evolution.

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