Interactive charts with historic and current active energy consumptions, current, reactive energy, frequencies, and more. Parametrized to match your needs.

Power factors; information regarding changes on the daily/monthly/annual profiles.

Ability to analyze consumption by day type (weekday, saturday, sunday or holiday).

Carpet charts provide a deeper visual understanding of consumption changes throughout time.


Define automation for rules for each of your circuit or equipment.

Configure all your schedules via web app. You can setup a single space or multiple at the same time, all for the same interface.

Ability to define rules based on the space characteristics. For example, you can define two HVAC profiles, assign one to all the stores that are inside a shopping center and another to the remaining ones. That way you get a consistent behaviour with ony a few clicks.


Ability to create both local and global markers that characterize energy profiles, by setting up tests and measuring the results in both energy consumption and cost (by using the current tariff).

You can assign budgets to changes and the system will automatically calculate the payback for that change based on the associated building or zone.

Easy to use alarms over real or virtual counters, both realtime or aggregated by day, month or year.

Advanced alarms associated to malfunctions, based on abnormal power consumptions based on the type of building or zone.


KPI calculation to allow comparison between buildings. You can use consumption per square meter, per produced unit, etc.

Comparison between tariffs available on the market, based on the history of consumption.

Statistical analysis based on profiles, holidays and type of building, for a deeper understanding of the energy consumption and cost.


Each space has a dashboard which provides an easy to analyze yet powerful overview of the energy consumption and cost.

Abiltiy to aggregate different counters into virtual counters, providing a structured view of your energy consumption by type of zone, department, etc. All of this can be parametrized to fit your needs.

Easy to use permission system, where you can assign groups of users the ability to view specific data and/or features.

Managing energy has never been easier.                  PRICING