WiseMetering in your space

WiseMetering was designed to automate the way the space works by using smart and centralized controls. Not only monitors energy consumption continuously, but does it automatically and in a centralized way, thus guarantying energy performance improvements and the achievement of the desired goals.

We do all this by installing our own equipment locally, called WiseBox, which monitors and manages all the electric equipment. The WiseBox connects to our WiseMetering web application, which issues rules to manage the space efficiently.

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WiseMetering with multiple spaces

With WiseMetering you can manage multiple spaces (big buildings or retail) in a simplified and centralized way. You can:

1. Configure hundreds of spaces with only a few clicks, saving time and resources to the maintenance team.

2. Establish energy policies and detect wrongdoings remotely, thus saving money with operation and making sure everything works smoothly.

Managing energy has never been easier.                  PRICING